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Don't Quit Your Day Job

Ramblings fueled by Smarties and Orange Cream Soda

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NaNoWriMo Post #3
Day 3! I'm ahead of schedule, but since I decided to update to 5086 words yesterday instead of lying, I'm behind schedule for today, as I'm only at 5136. I'm catching up now, though, so it's okay.

Technically I'm finished up to chapter six, but since I realized that I haven't actually gotten to the plot yet, I'm probably going to put what was going to start chapter six in chapter five, so that I don't spend five and a half chapters rambling about exposition. Because that's boring.

Today's Goals:

1) Add at least 1667 words to my word count so that I don't add an unsuccessful day to my statistics.
2) Really finish chapter five.
3) Write chapter six and maybe start chapter seven depending on how motivated I am, and how many words I have.