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Making Fun Of Spanish Books
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OMG I Just Saw Harry Potter
The title is based on a quote from Melissa Anelli from after the seventh book came out, so I felt like it was an appropriate choice.


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In Which I Deny The Three Ideas I’ve Heard About Star Wars in the Past Few Months

Becoming a college student can introduce you to many different things. The “bed by 11, up by 8” rule that you swore you’d keep to over the summer has been replaced by “fuck it, I’m going to bed at 4 even though I have a class at 8.” You’re surrounded by people who occasionally become drunken idiots (I personally don’t have much experience with the later, as I am against drinking, but I know for a fact that it wholeheartedly exists). Homework is usually done less than three hours before it is due, and you’ve eaten more slices of pizza in one week than you have during your entire senior year of high school.


Another thing that college does is introduce you to new ideas.


Being a geek, for me a good number of these new ideas have been based on completely random things, most of which are geeky. Since one of my many Areas of Expertise (TM) happens to be Star Wars, I feel the need to deny the ideas that I’ve heard over the past few months, all of which bothered me immensely during the conversation in which they took place.



I would not have made a good Jedi. I think I may have anger issues.Collapse )

Please note that at this point I've pretty much given up on NaNoWriMo. Just so you know.



NaNoWriMo Post #5
Tiredness and work kept me from writing more than 24 words yesterday, which means that I'm no longer ahead of schedule. My insane first-two-days word count prevents me from being behind, however, as I now am just regularly on track. Between class today and the few hours of free time I have, I should be able to get my 1667 words in. The actual full plot of my story is starting to actually come out now, which means that I might be able to write more in one sitting, because writing the introductory parts are boring.

Today's Goals:
Actually finish chapter six.

NaNoWriMo Post #4
So, I'm a few paragraphs into chapter six. Yeah, the chapter that I thought I'd finish yesterday. Chapter five somehow ended up being a thousand more words than it was originally going to be, which is what caused that little slip-up. I've written 24 words today. Awesome! I'm currently in line for tickets for the seventh Harry Potter movie (Box Office opens at 11), so I'm using the time to try to get more than that.

Today's Goals:
1) Finish chapter six
2) That's it. I have homework.

Boredom Pokemon Post
I needed to take a break from writing, so I made random banners/icons from Pokemon Special. They aren't anything special (unplanned pun!), but I needed something to occupy some time other than NaNoWriMo and homework.

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11/13 of these are Yellow. It's like the most platonic and random girl-crush ever. Seriously.

NaNoWriMo Post #3
Day 3! I'm ahead of schedule, but since I decided to update to 5086 words yesterday instead of lying, I'm behind schedule for today, as I'm only at 5136. I'm catching up now, though, so it's okay.

Technically I'm finished up to chapter six, but since I realized that I haven't actually gotten to the plot yet, I'm probably going to put what was going to start chapter six in chapter five, so that I don't spend five and a half chapters rambling about exposition. Because that's boring.

Today's Goals:

1) Add at least 1667 words to my word count so that I don't add an unsuccessful day to my statistics.
2) Really finish chapter five.
3) Write chapter six and maybe start chapter seven depending on how motivated I am, and how many words I have.

Mood Icons
I made myself a set of Mood Icons, all of which are caps from Pokemon Special. Some are ironic, some only make sense in context, some are completely random. I love all of them, so it's okay.

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NaNoWriMo Post #2
I ended the day at 1227 words. Short of the goal, but close enough for me to be happy anyway.

Of course, now I'm at 2598, which means that it's 3:30am and I'm almost done my word count for today already, which puts me right back on schedule since I'm planning on writing a lot today, including during two of my classes.

I was having focusing problems, and then suddenly I was on a run and wrote about a thousand words in about an hour. Why I couldn't have done this when I needed to meet a quota I have no idea.

Goal for the day: Finish chapter three and start chapter four.

NaNoWriMo Post #1
NaNoWriMo, otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month, begins today, November 1. The concept of NaNoWriMo is to write a novel in 30 days that is at least 50,000 words. Therefore, 1667 words per day.

It is 9PM, and I have 14 words written.

I'm off to a great start.

Whatever. Once I stop being distracted, I'll be fine. This is my first NaNoWriMo, so I'm blaming my lack of focus on inexperience.

I'm using NaNoWriMo as an excuse to finally write the story that has been in my head since... fourth grade? Third grade? Probably about then. (It's obviously evolved a LOT over the years, but the basic concept formed in my head many, many years ago.) It's called Anam. The title is the Celtic word for "soul," which makes sense in context. The Celtic part never really makes sense, but I liked the word and it sounds better than "Soul" as the name of a group. It's about a group of siblings that gain powers. Yeah, like almost every book ever written. The basic concept formed as a "what would happen if Power Rangers was actually realistic at all and didn't have those damn robots."

The story takes place in the year 3212, but World War III basically reversed the advancements in technology, so the technology is actually very close to modern times. The setting is Cerna, a country that is the sole holdout in a world that has been taken over by Argyro, a dictatorial country.

The main characters are:

Crystal "Chris" Hunter, the oldest Hunter sibling. She has wavy blond hair perpetually pulled into a ponytail, and ice blue eyes. Her main color is blue, and her power is ice. I just realized how obnoxious the eye description is now, but I'm keeping it as it is. She is 17, and a high school senior.

Kailey "Kay" Hunter, the second-oldest Hunter sibling. She has straight, dark brown hair and blue eyes. Her main color is green, and her power is earth. She is 16, and a high school junior. She is a star player on her high school softball team.

Jacob "Jake" Hunter, the third-oldest and the younger twin of Kailey. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes. His main color is black, and his power is lightning. He is 16, and a high school junior.

Michael "Mike" Hunter, the fourth-oldest. He has black hair and brown eyes. His main color is red, and his power is fire. He is 14, and a high school freshman.

Luke Hunter, the youngest Hunter child. He has black hair and blue eyes. His main color is yellow, and his power is air. He is 12, and a seventh-grader.

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